Medical Stuff

Up till now I wonder why we have to spent lot of money for medical treatment and for health check up, yes I know medical stuff is something that very sensitive, and it has to be hygiene before we use it. But is it that expensive, because sometimes (with no intention to underestimate) medical stuff is only a plastic, it’s only a needle, it’s only a glove, rubber gloves and other simple material. Is it really expensive?

Lets check the medical store, and most of it are puting a standart price for ther supplies, usualy the price increase is hapen on the hospital level. Not only the medical store off line, from the online medical store, we could also see that the actually offer cheap medical supplies

If we check on Google or internet it is not that difficult to find a website that offer cheap medical supplies like: Convatec Duoderm or Dermaprene gloves.

So I don’t agree if a hospital has a very expensive tariff/charge and the reason is only because of the medical supplies prices. Expensiveness is not for Medical supplies, expensiveness is worth for medical skill and medicine.

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