motivation is important

Ten years ago it is very difficult to find any information related with drug rehab or alcohol rehab, that times people just give up when they have a relative that have a drug addiction. They not just give up, but sometimes they just underestimating the drug addicted person.

But that is past story, now we could easily find information about drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation program, there is lot news and educational material related with drug and alcohol rehab. But when the supporting programs are there, now the problem is in the motivation of the drug addicted people. Sometimes the think that drug rehab will be difficult and the chance of success is very small. Rather than fail, sometimes the think that rather following the program and fail it is easier for them to just give up.

When the situation like ‘demotivated drug addicted people’ happen, then it is the closest family or friends jobs to encourage them again. Because without motivation, drug rehab and alcohol rehab will be just a fail rehab.

The main point in this post is: Motivation is important for rehab program.

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