Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit

I don’t know about medical stuff, what I know is only that medical things are very helpful and all good things about it. But it shock me when I heard news about Medtronic Defibrillator Recall. I was born in Indonesia, it is a developing country, the characteristic of developing countries is the citizen are not very understand the law, the advocating and others justice product. So I never thought that there will be a Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit , a special advocate that focus on some cases like Defibrillator Lead Recall.

Specific for my country something like this should be communicated intensively, a lot of people in my country that 100% believe in medical treatment without knowing their right in the front of law.  The wont sue if there is a lead in medical stuff, because they don’t know that they can sue it, if they do, they don’t know how to follow up.

My point is its very good that we have specialized advocate for medical issue, and It is good if everyone knows it.

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