Medical Knowledge

Yesterday…, I had a very bad news from my neighbor that little Hazzel, he died. He died because of blood fever dengue. It is not that kind of killing disease, but it could be a cause of death if people don’t know the symptoms. Blod fever dengue is a common illness, and yet some people are don’t know about the symptoms.

Now what about Dementia, are you ever heard of it?….this is the problem sometimes people did not try to understand some disease until the disease is with him and it’s too late. It is important for all of us to have a decent knowledge about it. You have internet…, so understanding dementia is not a difficult thing to do right?

We can find easily a web site that could give us information about dementia symptoms, about dementia treatment. Not just dementia, cerebral palsy, ADHD … all information is there, you just need to motivate yourself to read it.

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