Eyesight Checkup

Some times people don’t really aware about their own condition. Sometimes people think that they don’t have any health problem. One of my friends is an example. He fell that he didn’t have any problem with her eyesight, until one day he had a medical check up for employee entrance test. At that moment the doctor said that “your eyes is not 20/20 any more, you should ware an eyeglasses”.  My friend toke that advice easily, it was nothing to lose for him to ware an eyeglasses since he have perception that with eyeglasses you will look smart. And when he use the eyeglasses for the first tame, he was amazed with the difference. He realized that he was always living with blur eyesight and he did not aware of it.

And now he is totally different, he could read a book completely without fell tired so fast with his eyes. His appearance is very trendy with a cool eyeglass. In fact he has several of eyeglasses and each has its own style. Not like in the past where people only have one eyeglass for their daily activity, now people have more than one, since it is also part of style, and since it is easy to find cheap and stylish eyeglass in the mall or in the online shop, for example you could find $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses in zenioptical.com.

Okay, related to the first paragraph statement, I think it is necessary for us to check our child eyesight, just in case that our child had an eyesight problem and our child did not realize it.


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