It’s my third month doing fitness….

Yes this is the third month I do fitness, Ok I admit my muscle is not as shown on TV or Magazine, but my muscle is bigger now. I really addicted with this sport, and I hope, my motivation will well maintain until my old.

I don’t want to be like my friend, he was a person with sporty lifestyle, jogging, fitness, and swimming was his daily meals. The result, at collage he was recognized as a person with athletic body, sporty role model, very popular among girls, and of course fit and healthy body, his workout worth enough I guess….

That was his collage track record, now she is married and has two lovely kids, and he told me that he is very happy right now with his family. But one thing that bother him, after get married and having kids, he has no interest to do routine exercise.

I think his behavior transformation is common thing, having time with kids is a treasure for a father. But we can not ignore about our self, we still have to maintain our healthy life style. If you start to have no interest on fitness, maybe visiting fitness stuff websites about healthy lifestyle will charge up your interest on fitness. If you don’t want to leave your family while you are workout, taking your family with you will be a good solution. Family is important but having a healthy family is better.


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