Interesting, Acai berry

Maybe you’ve heard about chlorella, and you also have heard about Habatus Sauda from middle east, but may be this is your first time to hear about another alternative of healthy food, Acai berry. In some reviews I’ve read, Acai berry may be used as an alternative medicine for cancer, good for stamina, for diet to. There is lot researches that prove the ability as an anti oxidant. One question in my head, do this Acai Berry taste as good as black berry???

It’s my third month doing fitness….

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Medical Knowledge

Yesterday…, I had a very bad news from my neighbor that little Hazzel, he died. He died because of blood fever dengue. It is not that kind of killing disease, but it could be a cause of death if people don’t know the symptoms. Blod fever dengue is a common illness, and yet some people are don’t know about the symptoms.

Now what about Dementia, are you ever heard of it?….this is the problem sometimes people did not try to understand some disease until the disease is with him and it’s too late. It is important for all of us to have a decent knowledge about it. You have internet…, so understanding dementia is not a difficult thing to do right?

We can find easily a web site that could give us information about dementia symptoms, about dementia treatment. Not just dementia, cerebral palsy, ADHD … all information is there, you just need to motivate yourself to read it.

Innovative stuff: Medical Alarm

7 years ago where my grand mother lives in the same place with me and my parent, she accidentally fall from the stair, and had some serious injuries, fortunately my brother was there to help my grand mother immediately, because usually my grand mother always alone in the house, my parents at the office and my brother at the college. I can not imagine if my brother were not there to help my grand mother immediately.

In reality sometimes it is impossible for us to always be near our grand mother / father. But for above situation, currently there is a creative technology Medical Alarm called FALL ALERT. With this medical alarm we could immediately alerted if someone fallen and can’t contact us, cool isn’t it?, well of course no one want this kind of situation happen but, there is nothing wrong with preparing the worst case isn’t it?

Other variation of Medical Alarm is GPS tracking bracket with communication module, with this bracket when the one who use it are lost, he/she could easily contact us. This would be useful if we give this bracket to our kids, with this we could monitor his position anytime. What an innovative stuff.

New Concept Drug Store

When I was 10, which mean 16 years ago, when my dad had a heavy toothache and we ran out a medicine/pain killer, I was asked to buy some of it. That time, no car available at the house, the only thing that available is bicycle. Yes I could just easily ride my bike and bought the medicine rite? But that time, the Canadian rain was very hard and I did not found any rain coat, and the worse part is, the nearest pharmacy store was not open. The only option left that time is, I have to go through the rain, using bicycle, with a quite distance to go through. Yes I got the medicine, my dad pain was minimized, but another thing happened, Influenza was with me after that journey. Back than I could only pry “god I wish I could buy anything online, I wish there were a Canadian Online Pharmacy

But that was the past….
Now?….yes, Canada Pharmacy has developed, now there is a Online Canadian Pharmacy. I could by any medicines, anytime, any wheatear condition, without worrying about transportation, whit this kind of mechanism, I cold save a bunch of money, energy and time. This is just what I asked 16 years ago when I wish to have an ability to order a medicine from a Online Pharmacy/drug store, I just click and the thing that I need will be delivered to my place.

Natural Solution

Chemotherapy, medicine dependent, laser, surgery. Yes that is several medical approach to cure several disease. We cannot deny it that current medical approach has successfully increase the patient health rate. But sometimes we witnesses the unsuccessful story of those medical approach. Sometimes we heard that current medicine did not effectively cure the disease.

In another news we also heard that the chemical medicine is effective but it has side effect. And we all know that side effect is not a positive effect. That is way now lot of people are considering an alternative medical approach, such as acupuncture. And the recent trend for medicine and supplement is a natural health solution concept.

These days we could find natural health solution like Polly MVA, Lithium Orotate and even sunblock now have a Natural Sunscreen variant. Natural solution is not just an untested health alternative solution but it is now medically tested, professionally served with a high tech technology. So don’t wory be NATURAL

Healthy Life Style

There is something interesting with my friends recently. especially for those males with age above 30, they start to concern about their food, their activity, their weight. To good thing is that they start to concern about it, but the lesson to learn is actually you doesn’t have to wait until 30 to start concern about it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a kids, student, teenager, athlete, male, female, young or old, improving your health is a must. If you think diet, burning fat is necessary, that what are you waiting for? If you think healthy live style is necessary, then what are you waiting for? Just Do It.

If you feel demotivated, if you feel lazy to do it, if you don’t know how to start it than you just need a motivation, you just need a guide on how to easily maintain and improve your healthy life style. A lot of healthy life style magazine you can read, to raise up your motivation, you can also look for  Joe Dillon and other healthy life style tutorial/program. This kind of stuff could guide you to get a healthier life style.

But remember, don’t over do it, for example if you are on diet, don not just reduce your food consumption in a day, but you have to manage that you have consume enough green vegetables in your diet, this can be done by eating enough vegetables or consume supplement like green energy drink . Oh yea ..You also need to manage your protein consumption by consuming protein supplement.
Wait…. I know what you are thinking, “do I have to consume those not_so_good_tasted supplement?”
Well you don’t have to, as long as you could make sure that you have enough green vegetables and proteing consumption for your body. And don’t worry nowadays supplement (for example: ProEnergy natural Whey Isolate protein) have a great taste, in fact you can call it a perfect balanced snack.