Asma Pada Anak

Asma merupakan penyakit saluran napas kronik (menahun) yang paling sering ditemukan, terutama di negara maju. Penyakit ini umumnya dimulai sejak masa anak-anak. Dampak negatifnya seperti menyebabkan anak sering tidak masuk sekolah, membatasi kegiatan olahraga, dan aktivitas seluruh keluarga.
Pedoman Nasional Asma Anak (Indonesia) mendefinisikan asma sebagai Baca lebih lanjut

beauty important

If I ask you the question, which one is more important, your beauty or your family, what would be your answer? I bet all of us will answer “family”,
If I ask you is beauty important for you?

The answer maybe yes. But in realty we found a lot of girl that change their life style, previously they was very stylish, trendy and try to look good everyday, complete collection of murad acne are part of their live, now after married and have a kids, the are very focus on their family, and not even once talking about acne complex. Well focus on family is a must, we can not deny that, but ignoring your beauty treatment is not the trade off. We should prioritize our family, but we have to remain beauty. Family is the no 1, but your self, your beauty is not something that deserves to be ignored.

There is nothing wrong for a mother doing an acne treatment, there is nothing wrong if a mother buy murad acne complex for her beauty treatment. There is nothing wrong for a mother to be beauty right?