Web Hosting

Do you remember your first time creating website? How exited is was when we saw our first marquee word walking in our website, dragonball picture as the background, music behind, mouse over etc.

Do you remember your first hosting,geocities, brinkster, php2u and other free stuff. Do you remember how proud were we and tellin all people to open your website?

At that time it was enough for us to use geocites, now our friends will laugh at us when we talk about it.

For some people, creating fancy blog, fancy facebook page using free services are something amazing, but for an IT guys, need more than that to satisfy their IT expression.

For ordinary people, it is easy to choose a web hosting, because they don’t have a specific consideration, what they need only their web up, but for IT guys, sometimes choosing web hosting is something very difficult. But thanks god now there’s several web hosting review website to help people to easily decide what the best hosting for them.

And nowadays, it is not about the price, it is not about the company, it is about the review from people who use it that help us to chose .

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